Campus Activities


The Division of Student Affairs promotes learning through quality programs and services that empower individuals to realize their educational goals in accordance with the mission of the college.


Goals and Outcomes

Goal #1:

Build collaborative partnerships to support college and campus programming to engage students in meaningful collegiate experiences.


    Campus activities and student leadership development will establish college and campus programs that encourages student involvement, faculty engagement and builds campus community.  (SO)

Goal #2:

Provide students the opportunity to share in meaningful and intentional leadership practices that encourages them to analyze and synthesize their behavior and experiences.


    Students involved in leadership experiences will demonstrate competency in communication, facilitation and programming skills.  (LO) 

    Campus activities and student leadership development will facilitate opportunities for purposeful student involvement.  (SO)

Goal #3:

Effectively manage the internal and external functions of the office to ensure support for all constituencies.


    Campus activities and student leadership development will review and revise policy and procedures that support office efficiency.  (SO).

    Campus activities and student leadership development will provide support for space utilization, support for the enrollment process, and support for college event advertisement.  (SO)

Goal #4:

Through a comprehensive orientation process, prepare incoming students to succeed in college.


    Review, revise and enhance the management of new student orientation.  (SO).

    Students who participate in new student orientation will identify sources of support on campus and characteristics of successful students.  (LO)

    Students who lead the orientation experience will construct purposeful environments that encourage social interaction and knowledge acquisition.  (LO)


LO - Learning Outcome

SO - Support Outcome

2013-2014 Assessment Plan

2014-2015 Assessment Plan

2015-2016 Assessment Plan