Career Services


The Career Services office supports the mission, academic programs, and the advancement of Suffolk County Community College. Through collaboration with internal and external constituents, the office of Career Services assists students and alumni in understanding the career development process.  It offers opportunities for students to enhance their educational and career goals through advisement. Students are provided with assistance to understand themselves, educational opportunities and the world of work for the ultimate purpose of pursuing meaningful careers.


Goals and Outcomes


Assist students with their career development by providing opportunities to enhance self-awareness, explore and clarify career goals and educational goals and expand knowledge of options.

    Learning Outcomes

    Students will be able to assess their skills, values and interests

    Students will be able to obtain educational and occupational information to aid their career and

    educational planning as well as the career decision making process

    Support Outcome

    SCCC Career Services will utilize technology to enhance the career development process


Prepare students for the job search process and provide them with networking and employment opportunities through mutually beneficial relationships with a variety of employers

    Learning Outcome

    Students will demonstrate increased awareness of job search strategies

    Support Outcome

    SCCC Career Services will offer students/alumni opportunities for networking and employment with

    a variety of external constituents


Provide students with a variety of opportunities for applied learning to enhance the career exploration process, and develop professional skills

    Support Outcome

    SCCC Career Services will assist students to find appropriate applied learning experiences.

2014-2015 Assessment Plan

2015-2016 Assessment Plan: Disney Internship Program

2015-2016 Assessment Plan: Career and Internship Fair

2015-2016 Assessment Plan: College Seminar Presentations