Health Services


In alignment with the mission of Suffolk County Community College, Health Services strives to provide healthcare and education to students in support of their well-being so they may attain their educational goals, and to serve as a health and medical resource for the campus community.  In accordance with professional guidelines, Health Services ensures compliance with regulatory state and federal agencies.


Goals and Outcomes

Goal 1

Ensure that students are in compliance with New York State Health Laws


    Ensure that student health forms are screened and evaluated for compliance  (SO)

    Insure the security and proper maintenance of health records  (SO)

    Ensure that students are educated about the importance of providing the College with necessary medical

    paperwork  (SLO)

Goal 2

Provide effective emergency first-aid and care to the campus community.


    Provide responsive medical assessment of emergency cases including the establishment of appropriate patient

    care plans  (SO)

    Maintain appropriate inventory of medical supplies in accordance with expiration dates and maintenance

    schedules  (SO)

Goal 3

Ensure that allied health students are medically cleared for clinical rotations


    Educate students in both formal and informal settings about medical clearance required prior to the initiation of

    clinical rotations  (SLO)

    Maintain compliance with all aspects of the clinical site agreements  (SO)

Goal 4

Provide health education and awareness opportunities to the campus community


    Enhance healthy living awareness of the campus community through facilitation of visits by healthcare affiliated

    governmental agencies and non-profit providers  (SLO)

    Increase health education of the campus community through provision of one-on-one health counseling

    sessions (SLO)

    Enhance access to necessary immunizations for members of the campus community  (SO)

SLO - Student Learning Outcome

SO - Support Outcome

2013-2014 Assessment Plan