Special Events and Programs


The mission of the Office of Special Events is to promote economic growth in Suffolk County by facilitating the development of both new and existing special events. To accomplish this, the Office of Special Events is committed to providing:

• Assistance in attracting or creating new special events

• An efficient, user-friendly special event permits process

• A centralized operational planning process for new and major special events


Goals and Outcomes:

1.       Goal:     Increase revenue and defray operating costs from all program areas while

                      meeting the educational needs of the college.


a.       Constantly seek out diversified groups from the community, identify and meet

       their needs through a revenue stream

b.      Develop and establish new partnerships with community, businesses and

      government agencies


2.       Goal:     Expand awareness and promote a positive image of Suffolk County Community

                     College to all users of the facilities.


a.       Provide a safe, clean and well maintained facility to promote education, athletics,

       community use, tourism and economic development


3.       Goal:     Ensure effective scheduling of events college-wide.


a.       Effectively manage scheduling software to increase efficient and accurate

       information  (precision)

b.      Ensure effective collaboration and communication with appropriate staff to support

      College programing.


2015-2016 Assessment Plan

2014-2015 Assessment Plan

2013-2014 Assessment Plan   

Action Plan Follow Up