Study Abroad



The Division of Study Abroad offers curricula-based credit-bearing opportunities to SCCC/SUNY students interested in becoming global learners. The Study Abroad program offerings focus on teaching students how to engage with local and global communities, provide opportunities to develop critical thinking skills, and foster personal and academic growth through disciplinary scholarship, language training and cultural immersion.


Goals and Outcomes


Provide students with safe, affordable, geographically diverse, academically rigorous academic experiences abroad to enhance students’ learning and success at SCCC and support students’ interest in becoming globally engaged, culturally aware citizens.

    Learning Outcomes

    Students will effectively function in new cultural and learning environments and successfully achieve desired educational goals.

    Students will acquire intercultural competencies and will be able to apply those competencies in their further academic and professional pursuits.


Continuously promote the value of global learning among SCCC students to increase interest/enrollment in Study Abroad offerings across all campuses and within SUNY system.

    Learning Outcome

    Students will effectively integrate Study Abroad experiences into their academic experience at SCCC

    Support Outcomes 

   Study Abroad faculty and administration will identify students' needs in Study Abroad offerings based on continuous monitoring of students' interests and will        adequately address those needs/interests by developing new programs/offering existing programs in collaboration with partners nationwide and abroad, in compliance with appropriate laws and regulations.

2014-2015 Assessment Plan