AES Unit Review

The College uses a seven-year review cycle for its AES units. This process presents an opportunity for the units to evaluate the impact of assessments, examine operations and staffing, communicate with external evaluators, and set a direction for the next seven years. A timeline for assessment and planning activities for the AES units can be found in both the CAPIE as well as in the AES Unit Review Guidelines.  To ensure that the College closes the loop in regards to the AES review process, units will develop action plans and incorporate these plans into the budgeting process.

2013-2014 AES Unit Reviews  2014-2015 AES Unit Reviews 
 Career Services  Development
 Continuing Education  Facilities Support
 Grants Development  Instructional Technology/ETU
 Registrar  Disability Services
 Writing Centers  
2015-2016 AES Unit Reviews
 Computer and Information Systems
 Corporate Training
 Employee Resources
 Health Services