The meeting of the Board of Trustees of Suffolk County Community College scheduled for August 21, 2014 will now be held at 3:00 p.m. in Room 114 in the Captree Commons building, on the Michael J. Grant Campus, 1001 Crooked Hill Road, Brentwood, NY. This notification revises the previous time and location announced for this meeting.

Campus Business Officers


The Campus Business Office provides financial and business services including budget and purchasing oversight, along with cashiering for students, campus and central administration employees, and administrators ensuring that applicable rules and regulations are followed.


Goals and Outcomes


Provide professional and courteous customer service to the campus community


    Improve professional courteous customer service to the community


Work in support to improve timely and accurate billing information to students


    Timely billing is determined by the setting of calendar dates with respect to the

    academic year and college deadlines/priorities, and the billing accuracy is based

    on student feedback.


Provide budget oversight to ensure departments stay within the approved budget


    Budget oversight is maintained through the review of banner budget reports on

    a regular basis by each campus business officer.