SCCC Notice: For Monday 1/26 ,all classes and activities that start at or after 3pm for all campuses are cancelled.
SCCC Notice: For Tuesday 1/27 and Wednesday 1/28 all day and evening classes and activities for all campuses are cancelled.


Voting Members


  • Frances Dearing, Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness –  Co-Chairperson
  • Theodore Koukounas, Academic Chair-Professor of Mathematics - Co-Chairperson
  • Dr. Christopher Adams, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs – Central Administration
  • Dr. Maria Alzugaray, Associate Professor Mathematics/Governance Representative – Michael J. Grant Campus
  • Paul Anderson, Professional Assistant, Science Department – Eastern Campus
  • Mary Lou Araneo, Vice President of Institutional Advancement – Central Administration
  • Gwendolyn M. Branch, Assistant Professor, Counseling – Eastern Campus
  • Joanne E. Braxton, College Dean of Enrollment Management – Central Administration
  • Felipe A. Espitia Cetina, Student Trustee – Grant Campus
  • Dr. Philip Christensen, College Associate Dean for Curriculum Development – Central Administration
  • Dr. Maria DeLongoria, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs/Interim Executive Dean – Eastern Campus
  • Andrew Fawcett, College Associate Dean for Institutional Advancement – Central Administration
  • Dr. Marc Fellenz, Professor of Philosophy/Governance Chair – Michael J. Grant Campus
  • Dr. Candice J. Foley, Professor of Physical Sciences – Ammerman Campus
  • Dr. James Keane, Executive Dean – Michael J. Grant Campus
  • Myung-Chul Kim, Associate Professor of Mathematics – Ammerman Campus
  • Dr. Dorothy J. Laffin, College Dean of Instruction – Central Administration
  • Nina Leonhardt, College Associate Dean for Continuing Education – Central Administration
  • John Lombardo, Associate Vice President of Economic Development – Central Administration
  • Elisa A. Mancuso, Professor of Nursing/Governance Representative - Michael J. Grant Campus
  • Dr. Carla Mazzarelli, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs – Central Administration
  • Toni-Anne Nhotsoubanh, Counselor of Career Services and Coop Education/Associate Professor – Michael J. Grant Campus
  • Dr. June Ohrnberger, Director of English as a Second Language/Professor of English as a Second Language/College Governance Council Chair – Michael J. Grant Campus
  • Gary Ris, College Associate Dean of Computer Information Systems – Central Administration 
  • Raymond Roses, Assistant Professor/PA II - Computer Center – Central Administration
  • Dr. Judith Travers, Academic Chair/Professor of History – Ammerman Campus
  • Paul Turano, Professional Assistant I Library Services – Eastern Campus
  • Dr. Filiz Turhan-Swenson, Professor of English/Governance Chair – Ammerman Campus
  • George Tvelia, Interim Executive Dean – Ammerman Campus
  • Gail Vizzini, Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs – Central Administration
  • Dr. Helen C. Wittmann, Coordinator II – Instructional Technology Support Services/ Governance Chair – Eastern Campus



Ex-Officio Members:


  • Dr. Shaun L. McKay, President
  • Drew Biondo, Director of Communications/Executive Assistant to the President – Central
  • Dr. Jeffrey Pedersen, Vice President of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness – Central
  • Dr. Caroline Burns, Specialist, Institutional Effectiveness – Central
  • James Lagonegro, Director for Enrollment Information and Reporting – Central
  • Kathy Massimo, PAII, Institutional Effectiveness – Central
  • Lori Ann Pipczynski, Director of External Affairs and Strategic Partnerships – Central
  • Dr. Lanette Raymond, Specialist, Institutional Effectiveness – Central   
  • Dr. Christopher Shults, Director for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness – Central
  • Dr. Catherine Wynne, Specialist, Institutional Effectiveness – Central