Roadway and Parking Closures at the Ammerman Campus for Summer 2012

Construction associated with traffic safety and campus entrance improvements is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 9th and will continue through the month of August.  Among the improvements being made during this period are the addition of five speed tables, which are raised pedestrian crosswalks, along East Road (highlighted in red on the attached maps).  In the remaining weeks of summer we will also complete a series of pedestrian safety upgrades along East Road, and will cut a new road between the NFL Building and the Southampton Building.  All of these changes are in response to traffic and pedestrian safety concerns that have been expressed by the campus community.  To address these issues, the College retained an independent traffic engineering firm that conducted a complete analysis of traffic flow, vehicle speed and traffic volume on the campus.  The major safety enhancements recommended by this study will now be completed in a two-phased plan.  The construction outlined below represents Phase One implementation.  Phase Two will be the installation of a traffic circle at the intersection of West and North roads (on the western side of the campus, near the South Coleman Road entrance).  Planning and design for the Phase Two project will occur in 2013, with construction taking place in 2014.


The Phase One road closures will primarily affect access to the eastern side of the campus, which includes the Southampton and NFL buildings and will impact access to parking lots 6, 7 and 8 and the small staff parking lot beside the NFL Building (identified as small staff lot #1 on the attached maps and located due east beside the NFL Building).  The actual schedule for road improvement activity may fluctuate due to weather and unforeseen field conditions, so you are encouraged to build some flexibility into your schedule during this period to allow extra time for parking and arriving at your work location.  As you know, this is the slowest time of the year on campus, so it is the best time to complete this work with a minimum amount of disruption.


To help you visualize the areas of impact, the attached aerial maps illustrate those portions of campus roadways that will be either closed to traffic in both directions or closed to southbound traffic. The dates for the road closures depicted on each particular map can be found on the bottom left- hand corner of the attached maps.