Self-Study Steering Committee

Self-Study Steering Committee
Dr. Christopher Adams Vice President for Student Affairs
Dana Antonucci-Durgan Head Librarian, Eastern Campus
Katherine Aguirre Campus Director of Admissions, Ammerman Campus
Mary Lou Araneo Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Paul Basileo Coordinator of Instructional Technology/Professor,
Ammerman Campus
Dr. Courtney Brewer  Assistant Professor of Psychology, Ammerman Campus
Dr. Marc Fellenz Professor of Philosophy, Grant Campus
Bernadette Garcia Professor, Communications/Arts and Languages, Grant Campus
Lisa Hamilton Director of Campus Activities and Student Leadership Development,
Grant Campus
Dr. Suzanne Johnson Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. James Keane Michael J. Grant Campus Executive Dean/Campus CEO
Martha Kinney Associate Professor of History, Grant Campus
Ted Koukounas Academic Chair, Professor of Mathematics, Eastern Campus
Dr. Dorothy Laffin Eastern Campus Executive Dean, Campus CEO
Daniel Linker Associate Professor of English, Ammerman Campus, Co-Chair
P. Wesley Lundburg Ammerman Campus Executive Dean, Campus CEO
Dr. Edward Martinez Assistant Dean of Student Services, Director of Counseling,
Eastern Campus
Dr. Shaun McKay President
Dr. Dante Morelli Associate Professor of Communications, Ammerman Campus
Dr. Patty Munsch College Assistant Dean for Student Engagement Assessment
Sandra O’Hara Assistant to the President
Matthew Okerblom   College Assistant Dean for Curriculum Development
Dr. Jeffrey Pedersen   Vice President for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Louis Petrizzo   College General Counsel
Dr. Lauren Tacke-Cushing   College Dean of Instruction, Co-Chair
Dr. Troy Tucker   College Assistant Dean, Grants Development
Dr. Filiz Turhan-Swenson   Professor of English, Ammerman Campus
Christina Vargas   Chief Diversity Officer/Title IX Coordinator
Gail Vizzini   Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs
Carol Wickliffe-Campbell Chief of Staff to the President
Leslie Buck Professor of Mathematics, Eastern Campus