The College's Michael J Grant Campus in Brentwood has been selected as the venue for a speech by President Donald Trump on the subject of MS-13 gang violence, this coming Friday, July 28th. The speech will take place in the VanNostrand Theatre and is scheduled for Friday afternoon. Please note that the audience is restricted to invited members of law enforcement and the media, with all invitations being handled by the White House. Due to traffic conditions, you are encouraged to avoid the area. Please click here for further information.

Liberal Arts & Sciences - Sciences Chemistry AS Assessment

Mission and Program Learning Outcomes

The mission of the faculty, administration and staff of the Liberal Arts and Sciences: Science Emphasis A.S. degree program is to provide students with a strong foundation in science that will enable majors to continue their science-based education at a four-year college or university. The faculty, supported by science area administrators and staff, will provide students with excellent instruction and access to contemporary learning resources. All efforts will be directed towards helping students develop and appreciate the essential elements of scientific literacy, including basic principles, methods, and ethical practices.

Program Learning Outcomes