SUNY and Middle States Requirements for General Education Assessment

SUNY Requirements for General Education Assessment
  • Each campus with one or more general education curricula shall develop and implement a plan for the periodic evaluation of these curricula that meets or exceeds the standards of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.       
  • At minimum, the plan shall indicate how the campus will assess student achievement of the student learning outcomes associated with the SUNY General Education Requirement and use the results to inform planning for improvement.       
  • The student learning outcomes are in Guidelines for the Approval of State University General Education Requirement Courses.
From SUNY Assessment Procedure, Doc # 1151, July 1, 2010

Middle States College and Higher Education Requirements       

MSCHE Standard 12—General Education       

  •  assessment of general education outcomes within the institution’s overall plan
     for assessing student learning, and
  •  evidence that such assessment results are utilized for curricular improvement
MSCHE Standard 14—Assessment of Student Learning       
  •   useful      
  •   cost-effective      
  •   reasonably accurate and truthful      
  •   carefully planned and organized      
  •   systematic      
  •   sustained
*From MSCHE, Characteristics of EXCELLENCE in Higher Education: Requirements of Affiliation and
  Standards for Accreditation, Revised March 2009, Online Edition