When Your Password Expires

About every 120 days, your network password at SCCC will need to be changed. When this time is up, you will receive a notice when you try to log in, telling you that your password will need to be changed in xx days, and offering the chance to change it "now." Once that time is expired, you will be required to change your password before continuing.

If you don't receive this notice when you log in, you are not required to change your password at that time.

Voluntarily Changing Your Network Password

You may also change your password at any time for any reason; for example, you may fear your password has been somehow compromised, or you wish a new password that you find easier to remember.

The easiest way to change your password voluntarily is by logging in to MySCCC. When MySCCC opens you should see a clickable link right under the logo:

For information on the requirements on designing your network password and the college’s password policy, see:

·         Password Creation Standards

·         Policy and Procedures on Access Control and Password Security

Important: What to do After You Change Your Network Password

At SCCC, passwords to various systems are synchronized to your network /PC login.  When you change your network password, your passwords to other systems will need to be synchronized.  The procedure for synchronizing these other passwords is as follows. 

Procedure for Synchronizing Your Passwords:

1.       Change your network (PC) password.  Employee email and MySCCC uses these same credentials.

2.       For Banner:  Login into MySCCC with your new password and click on a Banner SSB function, i.e. Leave reporting, Rosters or any finance function on the Budget and Finance tab.  Accessing a Self-Service Banner function through MySCCC will synchronize your INB Banner password.  You should be prompted that your Banner Password has been changed to match your Luminis (MySCCC) password.  See below.

3.       For Xtender:  Login to INB Banner and click the Magnifying Glass icon.  This will synchronize your Xtender password to Banner.    Please allow Xtender to fully load before logging out of INB and Xtender.  For additional information see:   (Synchronizing your Xtender Password)