Junk Mail Management

College employee e-mail is processed through a SPAM filter that blocks e-mails matching the profile of junk mail from reaching the employee accounts.  This filter is set to minimize the possibility of legitimate mail being identified as SPAM.   Because of the nature of SPAM, not all junk mail will be blocked and occasionally legitimate mail will be blocked. 

Additional Junk Mail Management Capabilities

Individuals my also manage the receipt of mail at their individual mailboxes using the filter controls contained within Outlook and Outlook Web.  These filters will automatically identify mail reaching an account that match specific criteria and can be set to delete or move this mail to a special folder.   Outlook Web provides server-side filtering capability on your account for all incoming mail from external servers.  It does not process mail coming from college accounts.  The desktop version of Outlook can block mail from specific senders as it downloads to your computer.  The Outlook filter will only process mail received by the Desktop version of Outlook.  It will not effect mail received by Outlook Web.

Blocking the Receipt of Mail from a Specific Sender in Outlook

Outlook Desktop allows you to set a rule for the processing of mail from a specific sender.  You can access these rules from the Organize icon in Outlook's tool bar

  1. Click the Organize Icon


  2. The window that opens displays the Organize options.  Rules are created under the Using Folders.  To create a rule for a specific sender, first highlight the e-mail from this sender.  In the example below, an e-mail from HTB Gifts is highlighted


  3. Next, move to the Create a rule bullet in the Organize window and click on the dropdown box to identify the folder where mail from this sender is to be moved.   In the example below, mail from HTB Gifts will be moved to the Deleted Items folder.


  4. Finally, Click on Create.  If you would like the rule to be applied to existing mail in you folder click on Yes.

    If you choose to apply this filter to your existing mail, please allow time for the filter to complete its work.



Setting for Junk Mail Filter OWA 2003

  1. Open your mailbox in OWA and click on the Options tab.  The tab is in the lower left column identified below in Red.  scroll down to Privacy and Junk E-mail Prevention and check the box Filter Junk E-mail.

    OWA mailbox with Options folder visible lower left

  2. In the window that opens, scroll down to Privacy and Junk E-mail Prevention and check the Filter Junk E-mail box .
    Privacy and Junk E-mail Prevention option with filter checked

  3. Click Save and Close to retain this setting.
    Save and Close tab

  4. Remember to right click and Empty Deleted Items and Junk E-mail folders before closing mailbox.
    Empty Deleted Items folder from drop down menu

 Empty Junk Mail folder from drop down menu