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Eligibility and Procedures for Obtaining Internet Access and E-Mail Accounts

College Computing Council Policy 
Approved by the Executive Council 6/97


Suffolk County Community College encourages communication among the members of the college and educational community. It also recognizes the needs of the college community to access the valuable resources found on the Internet. However, SCCC must manage its resources in an effective and equitable manner. This document identifies Internet access and e-mail eligibility categories for members of the college community and establishes procedures for obtaining accounts. Use of  e-mail and the Internet is governed by the college's Information Technology Polices and Guidelines, available as  on the IT policies site:

Eligibility Categories


E-mail and on-campus Internet access is available at no cost to SCCC students currently enrolled in credit classes.  Other students may have access to e-mail for a small fee. (This service is not yet available.)  Accounts will be active only for the semester a student is enrolled at SCCC.

Services are available from computers at the college. Accounts may also be reached from off campus by utilizing an independent Internet service provider. Limited dial-in access is available to support specific academic projects upon arrangement by a college faculty member. Increased dial-in access will be provided as resources become available.

College Faculty, Administrators, Staff, and Members of the College Community

E-mail and Internet access is available to faculty, administrators, full-time staff, members of the Board of Trustees, Professor Emeriti, retired faculty, and officers of the Alumni Association, Foundation, and College Association. Part-time staff may have access to e-mail upon request of their supervisor. Accounts remain active only while an individual remains affiliated with the college in an eligible capacity. Access is available from remote locations (dial-in) and from campus computers using a network connection. Individuals may also access their college account using an independent Internet service provider.

Account Procedures

Students: Network accounts are provided to all active students.   Information on utilizing the account may be obtained from the campus Academic Computing Lab.  All accounts will terminate one semester after graduation or one semester after a student leaves the institution.   (A student is considered as leaving the institution when the individual is not on any credit class roster during a Fall or Spring Semester.)   Upon expiration, material left in account files will be deleted. Internet access from computers in the Academic Computer Labs do not require an account, but are subject to the acceptable use parameters listed in the college's IT Policies and Guidelines

SCCC Faculty, Administrators, Staff, and Community Members: All Faculty and Administrators are provided network accounts, which must be activated prior to use.   Staff may be provided accounts upon the recommendation of their supervisor.  Other college community members are provided access upon request.  A network account provides an individual with an ID that is used to access authorized dial-in and on-line services, e-mail, and the Internet.  See the Service Request Forms page for information on activating or obtaining a network account. 
For remote access, instructions are available from the the Coordinator of Academic Computing and the Computer Center, for configuring dial-up connections in Windows 95, NT and Apple/Mac operating systems.  These will be provided upon request to authorized users. While technical support is currently not available for remote installations, individuals may direct questions to the Coordinator of Academic Computing or the Computer Center.

  Please address problems or suggestions to  Last Update, 10/00