College Brief

NO: 30

DATE: February 6, 1998

TO: All Administrators, Faculty, and Staff

FROM: Steve Schrier, Vice President for Administrative and Information Services

SUBJECT: Computer Software Standard - MS Office

The College Computing Council has selected Microsoft Office as the college standard for PC administrative applications. This software is pre-installed on the Gateway computers currently being purchased. The council's action does not cover software selection for academic instruction.

The suite includes:

The college community is encouraged to migrate to these applications when the oppor-tunity arises. Currently, three versions of this software are in use here, MS Office 4.3 (for Windows 3.1x), Office for Windows 95 (version 7.0), and Office '97. Office 97 users are encouraged to save documents in 7.0 formats so these may be shared with users of earlier versions. Notes on how this may be accomplished are contained at the following web site:


In the near future, the college will be looking into upgrade opportunities for users of the earlier versions.

The council recognizes that the migration process is not easy and that it will take time for individuals to become comfortable with any new software. To help, training on these applications is available from Continuing Education and help desk support is in the process of being developed.

If you have any questions, please call Gary Ris at 4205. Thank you for your cooperation.