Password Expired     OWA

Passwords expire every three months.

When using the Outlook Web Access to change your password:

1.  Click Options from the functions listed beneath the folder list on the left side.

Scroll down in the Options window to the Password feature

Click the Change Password tab.

The Security Alert screen will pop up

Click Yes to proceed

The Internet Service Manager will ask for the change information.

Email Password Selection Rules

  • Faculty/Staff passwords should not be less than six characters or more than eight.
  • Do not use more than two successively repeated characters or numbers in your password.
  • Passwords should not be words in any language.
  • Do not use names, telephone numbers or any other numbers or names which can be deduced from information about you.
  • Good passwords utilize both numbers and letters.
  • If you type your new password in uppercase letters, then you must always type it in uppercase letters. It is recommended that you use lower case letters.

College users are in the SCCC_ADM domain

The account is your userid        

Click OK when done.

Reset will clear the form if you have a typo.