PC Purchasing Policy
Adopted Fall 1996 by the Executive Council

Desktop PCs:  Desktop PCs are to be purchased in bulk three times each year. Purchases will normally be made in September, March and June. In order to be assured maintenance and repair support for purchased computers, purchase orders for desktop PCs should not be processed individually.

Purchases are initiated by forwarding a completed and authorized worksheet to your campus business office or business office representative, timed to each purchasing cycle.   All worksheets from a campus will be combined and issued as a single campus-wide PO.   Individual department accounts will be charged the price obtained at the time the PO is issued for their requested equipment.

Worksheets are available from the Home Page of Desktop Maintenance and Repair. Emergency orders are possible, subject to your provost's or vice president's approval.  Please note, however, there is no guarantee that PCs purchased outside of the bulk purchasing process will be be covered by college maintenance and repair services.  Should the PC purchased in an emergency not be one of the models selected for coverage by the College Computing Council, support services for that PC will be limited or unavailable.  Click here to download an Emergency Request Authorization Form for off-cycle purchases.

For further information, please refer to College Brief No. 18 ('96-'97 academic year) or contact your campus business office or the Office of Information Technology.

Thank you for your attention to this policy.

Under Construction IconNote:  While the policy stated here is official and has been adopted by the Executive Council of Suffolk County Community College, its  publication via the college's home page is in draft form, subject to review by the Office of Community Relations.

Office of Information Technology 9/22/97