SCCC Notice: For Monday, 02/08/2016, all day and evening classes and activities for all campuses are cancelled. All staff members essential to bringing the College back into full operation are expected to report to work. All non-essential employees must report to work or utilize accruals to take a day off with the approval of their supervisor/Campus Dean.

Health Club Memberships

Membership Dues

  SCCC Full Time Students
(9 or more credits) 
(summer $65) 
  SCCC Part Time Students
(Less than 9 credits)
(summer $65)
  Adult Suffolk County Resident
(adult including faculty, staff administration, alumni, academy)
  $275/12 months  
  Suffolk County Resident
(Child up to grade 12)
  $220/12 months  
  Family Membership
(head of household, spouse, dependents under 18years,
under 23 if enrolled as full-time student)
  $720/12 months  
  Senior 60 & Over   $220/12 months  
  Non-Resident Fee & Non-Resident Senior   $340/12 months  
  **Visa and MasterCard accepted.      

  Member Application