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BUS150 / BU80



Cooperative Education In Business

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Cooperative Education is supervised on-the-job training directly related to a student’s academic major and career interest. Co-op students integrate classroom theory with practical work experience. Through a required weekly seminar, students receive instruction in employment communications and discuss work station learning experiences. Students must be available to work a minimum of 8-10 hours per week. Interested students should contact appropriate program coordinator on their campus for more information. Registration in this course requires that students purchase liability insurance through the college.


Completion of at least 24 credit hours (12 credits being in the business area, with the exception of CST students), minimum overall GPA of 2.5, and permission of appropriate co-op coordinator, area chairperson, and/or area assistant dean. (At Eastern Campus offered only in spring semester.)


Offered On
Ammerman Campus in Selden
Eastern Campus in Riverhead
Grant Campus in Brentwood


Credits:  3


Course Fee applies