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ENG218 / EG74



The Hispanic Voice In American Literature


Focuses on works of modern Hispanic-American writers, including such authors as Pulitzer Prize winners Oscar Hijuelos and Christina Garcia (Cuban-Americans), Piri Thomas and Judith Ortiz Cofer (Puerto Ricans), and Rudolfo Anaya and Sandra Cisneros (Mexican-Americans). As with all fine writers, their work deals with universal and timeless themes common to human condition and reflects their cultural heritage and experience as a minority group living in U.S. Such themes as language, alienation, identity, exile and assimilation, prejudice, cultural and ethnic pride, religion, and family are discussed. Theirs is an important and rising voice in literature of U.S.




Offered On
Grant Campus in Brentwood


Credits:  3


Fulfills SUNY General Education Requirement for Humanities.