Ammerman - Eastern - Grant
Hegis Code: 5004
Curriculum Code: BUAD-AAS

Program Learning OutcomesOnline Degree Program: BUAO-AAS

Fall 2015 Program Requirements Comparison

This two-year career program is intended primarily for those students who intend to seek employment directly after its completion. The curriculum provides essential knowledge and skills in the financial, management and marketing facets of business, as well as in the supporting areas of communications and mathematics. Students can pursue their interest in one of seven specialized areas of business (human resources management, management technology, marketing, entrepreneurship, international business, business law and economics) through their choice of business electives.

The curriculum is adaptable to many four-year college degree programs in business, and graduates will find reasonable transfer opportunities available to them should they desire to continue in a baccalaureate degree program. The entire curriculum can be completed online.

FIRST SEMESTER: 17.5 Credits Credits
ACC101: Principles of Accounting I 4
BUS101: Introduction to Business 3
BUS115: College / Workplace Skills Seminar 1.5
* Communications Elective 3
ENG101: Standard Freshman Composition 3
**♦ LAW107: Law for Business
or LAW111: Business Law I
SECOND SEMESTER: 17-18 Credits Credits
ACC102: Principles of Accounting II
or ACC115: Managerial Accounting
†♦ BUS112: Computing for Business 4
BUS201: Management Principles and Practices
or BUS109: Supervision: Concepts and Practices
*** English Elective 3
MKT101: Marketing 3
¤ Physical Education 1
THIRD SEMESTER: 16 Credits Credits
BUS117: Business Communications 3
Business Elective (BUS141, BUS123 or BUS127) 3
ECO112: Microeconomics: Prices and Markets 3
Humanities Elective 3
MAT103: Statistics I 3
¤ Physical Education 1
FOURTH SEMESTER: 15-16 Credits Credits
BUS150: Cooperative Education in Business
or BUS209: Issues in Contemporary Business
¥♦ Business Electives (2 Courses) 6
£ Mathematics / Laboratory Science Elective 3-4
§ Social Science Elective 3

* To be selected from: COM101, COM102, COM105, COM107 or COM131.
**Credit will be given for LAW107 or the LAW111 and LAW212 sequence, but not for both.
***Recommended: ENG102, ENG119 or ENG121.
When BUS112 is not available on a particular campus, students may select any CST course they qualify for in place of it.
Recommended: PHL101, PHL104, PHL107, PHL212, foreign language or any 3-credit Arts, MUS or THR course.
§Students planning to transfer to a SUNY four-year institution are advised to take HIS101, HIS102, HIS103 or HIS104.
¤Students enrolled in the online degree program may substitute a 3-credit course, HSC101 : Health Concepts, for the two semesters of Physical Education (total of 2 credits). Students choosing HSC101 should enroll in the course during the third semester.
£If Math elective is chosen, must be MAT104 or MAT111 or higher.
¥In selecting business electives (i.e., any ACC, BUS, MKT, LAW, BUS or 3-credit OFT course), students are advised to choose any two courses from one of the sequences below:

1. Human Resources Management: BUS127, BUS129.

2. Management Technology: BUS107, BUS121.

3. Marketing: MKT107, MKT201, MKT213, MKT216, MKT218, MKT220, MKT230, RET111, RET115.

4. Entrepreneurship: BUS123.

5. International Business: BUS141, BUS143, MKT220.

6. Business Law: LAW101, LAW103, LAW212, LAW251.

7. Economics: ECO111 recommended for those planning on transferring to a four-year institution; plus, any one of the above courses.
These courses constitute the major courses in this curriculum.

Business and Accounting 36.5-40.5 credits
Humanities 12 credits
Social Science 6-9 credits
Mathematics/Science 6-7 credits
Physical Education 2 credits
or Health (online curriculum only) 3 credits