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Hegis Code: 5304

Program Learning OutcomesCurriculum Code: CTAT-AAS

Fall 2015 Program Requirements Comparison

     This career program is designed for students interested in training for technician-level positions with architecture, construction and engineering firms. The program places emphasis on architecture and structures to prepare students for positions such as architectural drafters, estimators, energy auditors, materials testers and construction supervisors.

     The curriculum is also adaptable for transfer to many four-year colleges offering a B.S. in Architectural Technology or Construction Engineering Technology. Potential transfer students should consult with the department to decide their selection of courses.

Admission Procedures and Requirements

     This program is offered as a four-semester sequence starting every fall; however, by consulting with the department, students can be admitted for the spring semester into a track consisting of five or more semesters.

     Entering students should have completed high school mathematics sequence through Algebra2/Trig. or equivalent and qualify for MAT124.Students not qualifying for MAT124 may be admitted to the program while taking MAT111; however, they must complete MAT124 and MAT125 to continue and graduate. Students not qualified for MAT111 may enroll for an extra semester of developmental mathematics along with DRF111 , DRF114 and other introductory courses.

FIRST SEMESTER (Fall)** : 18.5 credits Lec. Lab. Cr.
  COL101: Freshman Seminar 1.5 - 1.5
COT110: Surveying I 2 3 3
COT114: Construction Methods 3 - 3
DRF111: Mechanical Drafting 2 3 3
  DRF114: AutoCad1 2 3 3
  MAT124: Fundamentals of PreCalculus I 4 - 4
Physical Education - 2 1
SECOND SEMESTER (Spring) : 19 credits Lec. Lab. Cr.
COT222: Site Planning 2 3 3
COT266: Statistics 3 - 3
DRF217: Architectural Drafting: Residential 2 3 3
DRF223: Introduction to 3D modeling, Rendering and Animation 2 3 3
  ENG101: Standard College Composition 3 - 3
MAT125: Fundamentals of PreCalculus II 4 - 4
THIRD SEMESTER (Fall) : 17 credits Lec. Lab. Cr.
COT233: Strength of Materials 2 3 3
COT238: Construction Estimating 2 2 3
COT239: Construction Scheduling 3 - 3
DRF218: Architectural Drafting: Presentations 2 3 3
PHY101: College Physics I 3 3 4
Physical Education - 2 1
FOURTH SEMESTER (Spring) : 18 credits Lec. Lab. Cr.
COT243: Codes and Contracts 3 - 3
COT246: Structural Steel and Reinforced Concrete Design 2 2 3
DRF219: Architectural Drafting: Structural 2 2 3
English Elective 3 - 3
* Humanities Elective 3 - 3
Social Science Elective 3 - 3

* Students intending to pursue a 4- or 5-year bachelor's degree in architecture or architectural technology are advised to select  ART133 or  ART210 as their humanities elective.
**Students who matriculate in January may require more than four semesters to complete the program.
These courses constitute the major courses in this curriculum.

Technology 45 credits
English 6 credits
Humanities 3 credits
Social Science 3 credits
Mathematics 8 credits
Physics 4 credits
Freshman Seminar 1.5 credits
Physical Education 2 credits