Foreign Languages and ESL Department

Foreign Languages / ESL Dept

Foreign Languages and ESL Department


 No matter how you say it, the FOREIGN LANGUAGE / ESL DEPARTMENT

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Today, fewer than 18% of all Americans speak a second language fluently.  Over the last several years, the Foreign Language & ESL Department has steadily moved in new directions to meet the changing needs of Suffolk County Community College students and help prepare them to communicate in a pluralistic American society and throughout the world.  Our courses range from elementary sequences in Chinese, Japanese and Latin to elementary through intermediate sequences in French and German to a wide variety of courses through the advanced level in both Italian and Spanish.  We also offer Spanish for Spanish Speakers, a course designed to strengthen the language ability of students of Hispanic background who already speak Spanish but who wish to develop more formal skills.  A Foreign Language Option is available for students who intend to major in a language other than English. 

Our ESL program provides high-quality English as a Second Language instruction to equip second language learners with the linguistic ability necessary to thrive academically, professionally and socially. The programs foster strong English language acquisition through creative yet structured instruction in a positive and welcoming learning environment.

Located in the Islip Arts Building, Room 114, our department’s language lab is a fully equipped facility where students can reinforce their language study by listening to audio programs and working with interactive software in the target language.  Throughout the semester the lab provides foreign language and ESL students with the opportunity to develop their skills in a relaxed atmosphere, along with free tutoring services, a Conversation Partners Program and linguistic-based workshops.

For additional information regarding language study and our programs, direct your inquiries to Dr. Lauri Kahn, Academic Chair at