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Maintaining Eligibility

General Academic Requirements for Financial Aid (Full-time and Part-time Students)

  1. Students must be enrolled in a degree or certificate program (matriculated) to receive financial aid.
  2. To qualify for TAP, you must be full-time (12 or more credits). First time recipients who require remedial coursework must take at least three (3) college level credits, and six (6) college level credits in all subsequent terms.
  3. To qualify for APTs, students must enroll in at least three (3) college level credits each semester.
  4. State financial aid is not awarded for repeated courses for which you have received a passing grade.
  5. Financial aid is not awarded for courses that are being "audited."
  6. Financial aid is awarded only for courses that are required for the student's degree or certificate program. Financial aid does not cover prerequisites.
  7. Students are expected to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards to maintain financial aid eligibility. Refer to progress standards for Academic Progress charts.

Repeat Coursework

Federal financial aid will pay for only one repeat if you have previously earned credit in a course with a passing grade (A, B, C, D, etc.). You are only eligible to receive financial aid the first time the course is repeated. For example, if you are registered for 12 credits, and one of your 3-credit courses is a third attempt (after receiving a passing grade in an earlier attempt) your financial aid will be based on 9 credits and you will not be able to receive aid based on full-time enrollment. A second repeat is counted even if you received an incomplete grade.

State financial aid will not pay for repeated courses if you have previously earned credit with a grade of A, B, C, D, etc.

Appeal Process

After grades are evaluated at the end of each semester, financial aid recipients who fall below the satisfactory academic progress standards will be notified as follows:

  1. Students are notified of their loss of eligibility and the possibility of appealing.
  2. Students who are receiving state funds can apply for a waiver provision. Such a waiver can only be granted once during the students undergraduate career.
  3. Federal aid recipients may also apply for a Conditional Waiver. If granted, students may continue to receive financial aid.
  4. Waiver requests are reviewed by a campus committee that determines whether or not the academic difficulty was due to a serious extenuating situation (e.g. serious medical problems, death in family, disability etc.). Documentation of all extenuating situations is required.
  5. Since the waiver is neither automatic nor an entitlement, the judgment of the waiver committee will be final. Students will receive the decision of the committee in writing.

Download the Student Appeal Form