Suffolk County Community College AcademicWorks Scholarships FAQ's

Scholarships listed in AcademicWorks are through the efforts of Suffolk Community College Foundation and administered by Student Affairs provide an array of scholarship opportunities provided by alumni, parents, friends, employees, and academic departments, as well as generous leaders of corporations and foundations, who believe deserving students should have a quality education with limited financial burden.


Suffolk County Community College’s scholarships listed in AcademicWorks have varied criteria, please carefully review the scholarship requirements to determine if you should submit an application.


Please adhere to the following procedures to ensure your scholarship application is properly completed:

  1. Complete general information (initial page of the online application)
  2. Select whether you are a new or continuing student
  3. Adhere to essay topic(s) and length
  4. Adhere to criteria listed for each scholarship
  5. Request letters of recommendation if required
  6. Read disclosure form
  7. Signature is required

Any AcademicWorks application submitted with incomplete information will not be considered or reviewed.


Important - Students must be in good academic standing to receive awarded scholarships.