Fall semester starts August 27th. Enroll for classes during Enrollment Services Saturdays! Offices will be open on August 8, 22 and 29 from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm.

English as a Second Language

Non-Credit English as a Second Language (ESL) Course Fees

• Catalog #'s ELL001, ELL010 $330
Catalog #'s ELL003, ELL005, ELL007, ELL008 165
• Catalog #'s ELL002, ELL004, ELL006, ELL009 165
Catalog #'s ELW001, ELW002, ELW003, ELW004, ELW005,
ELW006, ELW007, ELW008, ELW009

• Catalog #'s IEP070, IEP071, IEP080, IEP081 1,715
Catalog #'s IEP090, IEP091, and either IEP092 or IEP093 1,715
• Catalog #'s IEP092, IEP093 200