Documenting a Disability

How to Obtain Special Services:

Students who need special services or accommodations must submit written proof of their disability. This proof must include supporting documentation from a physician, appropriate health care provider, or school. Where appropriate, proof can also be provided by a rehabilitation agency such as Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID) or the Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped.

All documentation should include the following information:
  • name or type of disability (i.e., diagnosis)
  • the limitations caused by the disability
  • length of time the student will be disabled
  • what barriers or problems the student may have in a college setting
  • what special services or accommodations the student will need while in college

Note that proof from a school district must include an up-to-date psycho-educational report and the most recent Individual Educational Plan (IEP).

The college generally requires all written proof of a disability to be less than three years old. However, the college will accept test results and other proof which is more than three years old if the disability is not likely to substantially change over time. Students required to submit more current proof may receive special services on a temporary basis if they can show that services or accommodations have been received in the past. Temporary services will not be provided if there is no previous history of services or accommodations.

Students should send all written proof of a disability to the home campus office as soon as they are accepted to the college. This will allow the college enough time to make arrangements for special services before taking the placement tests and before the start of classes.

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