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Career Counseling and Assessments

Career Counseling can help students plan and organize their major and career decisions. A counselor will listen, respond to ideas, give feedback, teach strategies for making decisions, and help students translate their ideas in to majors and career goals. Personality and Interest inventories (such as the Myers Briggs, Strong Interest Inventory, Focus, Discover) are often used by career counselors as tools to counsel students. Career counseling is a holistic process and your life issues are very important to determine your work issues. Counselors integrate them both into the counseling process and help you make a well-rounded career decision

“Career counseling will only be as successful as the work you put into it.”

It will require commitment on your part to have a successful ending and definitely more than a few sessions with a career counselor.

Session 1

  • Discuss personality, interests, strengths, values, and abilities
  • Discuss Career Counseling process
  • Receive instructions for Internet assessments
  • Complete assessments

Session 2

  • Interpret results of the assessment
  • Discuss careers and/or majors that are of interest
  • Review websites available for obtaining career/major information
  • Research careers and/or majors of interest and narrow each list to five options or less

Session 3

  • Discuss narrowed list and how each option fits with your personality, interests, strengths,
    values, and abilities
  • Form a ‘plan of action’ with your career counselor regarding next steps in your career decision-
    making process, such as changing major or to transfer to four year institution
  • Make a follow-up appointment with your career counselor, if necessary

Remember, this is a process!

Career Assessments

Assessments can be useful tools in the self-discovery process of self. Sometimes it can help you to see a picture of your interests and personality on paper. There are multiple assessments available on the campus Career Services office, and a career counselor will determine the assessment that will be used with you. Please contact the Career Services office and schedule an appointment with a career counselor to obtain instructions for the assessments. Interpretation of assessments requires a face-to-face meeting with a career counselor.