Hegis Code: 5299

Program Learning OutcomesCurriculum Code: PARM-AAS

Fall 2015 Program Requirements Comparison

     This program fulfills the requirements set by state and national agencies for credentialing of the AEMT-IV paramedic. Students will become proficient in the art and science of out-of-hospital medicine with medical direction. The program stresses mastery in advanced-life-support skills, which will be accomplished in college laboratories, affiliated hospitals and advanced- life-support ambulances. Competency in theoretical knowledge and developing the studentís professional attitude consistent with the expectations of the public and the profession are also stressed.

     High school applicants must have completed the high school mathematics sequence through Algebra2/Trig. or equivalent and at least an 80 average in each of the following courses: Algebra2/Trig., Regents Biology and Regents Chemistry. Students must complete BIO130: Anatomy and Physiology I and BIO 132: Anatomy and Physiology II with a grade of C or better to enroll in the Paramedic (PAR) level courses. NYS EMT-Basic or higher certification is required for admission. The studentís certification must remain valid for the duration of the program. New York State EMT-Basic is offered every semester in HSC126: Emergency Medical Care I. There is no prerequisite. At their own cost, incoming students must meet and maintain the health requirements of the Paramedic Program which include proof of immunizations, titers, PPD, and an annual physical examination. It is recommended that applicants have at least one year of documented field experience at the EMT Basic level prior to application. Students must also complete an application packet including two letters of recommendation and a personal statement.

     The Paramedic Program is highly competitive. Meeting minimum requirements for admission does not guarantee acceptance into the program. The College reserves the right to make final decisions based upon the applicant pool each year.

FIRST SEMESTER: 15.5 credits Credits
BIO130: Anatomy and Physiology I 4
COL101: Freshman Seminar 1.5
COM102: Interpersonal Communication 3
ENG101: Standard Freshman Composition 3
POL103: State and Local Politics and Government 3
  Physical Education Elective 1
SECOND SEMESTER: 14 credits Credits
BIO132: Anatomy and Physiology II 4
ENG102: Introduction to Literature 3
PSY101: Introduction to Psychology 3
SOC101: Introduction to Sociology 3
  Physical Education Elective 1
THIRD SEMESTER: 16.5 credits Credits
PAR101: Paramedic I 13
PAR201: Paramedic Clinical I 3.5
WINTER SESSION: 1 credit  
PAR202: Paramedic Clinical II 1
FOURTH SEMESTER: 16.5 credits Credits
PAR102: Paramedic II 13
PAR203: Paramedic Clinical III 3.5
SUMMER SESSION: 3 credits  
PAR103: Paramedic Operations III 3

These courses constitute the major courses in this curriculum.

Paramedic 37 credits
Biology 8 credits
Humanities 9 credits
Social Science 9 credits
College Seminar 1.5 credits
Physical Education 2 credits