Undecided Students

Undecided students should try to learn more about themselves, the world of work, and what Suffolk County Community College has to offer.
If you are undecided, we suggest that you:
  • Read the college catalog for descriptions of the different curricula and programs available.
  • Use electives to take survey or introductory courses in your areas of interest.
  • Go to the Counseling Center for career counseling, interest testing, and access to computerized career decision-making systems.
  • Learn about the job market, employment trends, and specific career areas by:
    1. talking to the career services counselor on your campus;
    2. reviewing the Occupational Outlook Handbook and other career-related materials available in the Counseling Center or any library; and
    3. exploring the college's Career Services Web site with its many links to educational, career, and occupational information.
  • Explore clubs, organizations, and co-curricular activities available on campus
    (i.e., especially those related to your areas of interest).
  • Get some work experience (i.e., part-time, full-time, summer, seasonal, work-study, internships, co-op, etc.) in your areas of interest.
  • Talk to advanced students who are majoring in the areas you are considering.
  • Talk to department heads, program coordinators, and faculty in all the major areas you are considering.
  • Talk to people currently employed in the areas you are considering.