HEGIS Code - 5505, CIP Code - 43.0107

Curriculum Code: CJPA-CERT

     This certificate is OPEN ONLY TO TRAINEES OF THE SUFFOLK COUNTY POLICE ACADEMY AT SUFFOLK COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE. The College will award college credit based on the State University of New York Guide to Educational Programs in Non-Collegiate Organizations for work undertaken at the academy. Upon completion, students will receive a Police Administration Certificate and may opt to continue their education by enrolling in the A.S. degree in Criminal Justice.

REQUIRED COURSES: 35 credits Credits
  COL101: College Seminar 1
  ENG101: Standard Freshman Composition 3
  OFT101: Basic Keyboarding 1
POA110: The Administration of Criminal Justice 3
POA113: Physical Education and Defensive Tactics 3
POA115: Patrol Functions and Procedures 3
POA121: Criminal Investigations 3
POA122: First Aid-CPR 3
POA131: Criminal Law and Procedure 6
POA155: Community Relations for Police 3
POA191: Criminal Justice Internship 6


These courses constitute the major courses in this curriculum.