HEGIS Code - 5404, CIP Code - 12.0503

Program Learning OutcomesCurriculum Code: CUBP-AAS

     The Culinary Arts curriculum is designed for students with a career interest in culinary arts, restaurant management, and baking and pastry management. These fields represent a wide range of businesses from intimate fine dining restaurants to worldwide food service corporations, from bakeries to corporate pastry chefs, from small country inns to multinational chains of hotels and resorts.

     The Culinary Arts curriculum will prepare students to enter the workforce or continue their education by transferring to bachelor's degree programs. Each degree option is balanced between career-specific courses, business courses and liberal arts courses. To supplement their skill development, students will participate in a supervised internship program.

FIRST SEMESTER: 17-18 credits Credits
CUL101: Hospitality College Seminar 1
CUL111: Sanitation 3
CUL115: Baking and Pastry Arts I 4
CUL116: Dining Room Management 3
  ENG101: Standard Freshman Composition 3
  Mathematics Elective 3-4

SECOND SEMESTER: 16 credits Credits
CUL113: Wine and Beverage Management 3
CUL217: Baking and Pastry Arts II 3
CUL240: Culinary Arts Internship/Cooperative Education 4
  ENG102: Introduction to Literature 3
  Social Sciences Elective 3

THIRD SEMESTER: 17 credits Credits
CUL112: Hospitality Cost Controls 3
CUL120: Hospitality Marketing 3
CUL132: Hospitality Supervision 3
CUL218: Baking and Pastry Arts III 4
  Social Sciences Elective 3
  Physical Education 1

FOURTH SEMESTER: 14 credits Credits
CUL250: Hospitality Capstone Course 2
CUL219: Advanced Pastry Arts IV 4
  Foreign Language 3
  Laboratory Science Elective 4
  Physical Education 1


These courses constitute the major courses in this curriculum.