The location for the October 19, 2017 meeting of the College’s Board of Trustees has been changed to the new Learning Resource Center on the Michael J. Grant Campus and is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m.

Articulation Agreements with Four-Year Colleges and Universities

The purpose of an articulation agreement is to provide a seamless transfer between Suffolk County Community College and potential transfer institutions. This page contains a list of those institutions with which SCCC currently has such agreements. In most cases, the actual agreement is posted in Portable Document Format (PDF). In those few cases where no PDF is posted, we are in the process of updating or revising. Students, of course, may transfer to institutions not listed. However, they should exercise due diligence to be certain that they are receiving credit for all appropriate courses and programs of study. In any case, after consulting the site, the student should meet with a transfer counselor at his/her home campus.

The course catalog description and learning outcomes for all SCCC courses are available for review at Course and Syllabi Search  NEW

A College name in blue indicates that SCCC and that institution have a "Joint Admission Agreement". Clicking on the name will take you directly to that institution’s Admissions web site. Details of the agreement can be accessed in the PDF link found in the far right column.


Institutions SCCC Curriculum GPA (min) Four-Year College Degree/Curriculum Agreement Notes