The Office of Instructional Technology provides technology tools and services to the SCCC community to enhance communication and collaboration in a way that affords equitable opportunities for all students to reach their fullest academic potential.   OIT Offers training and professional development, supports course development and shares guidance on educational technology solutions to SCC and the SUNY community as well as the industry partners.  OIT also promotes high quality distance education courses to enable increased access for our students.  Through effective and integration of technology into the educational experience, we aim to transform the lives of students and improve our local communities.  By taking a leadership role and using innovative tools, OIT will help SCCC faculty and staff become leaders in the global community of technology-enhanced teaching and learning. 

Goals and Outcomes


Maintain an open communication and collaborative infrastructure through written, electronic, and face-to-face communication, provide communication to administrators, faculty, staff, students, in order to promote effective internal communication to support interdisciplinary research, teaching, and training collaborations.


Establish and strengthen a proactive media relations program to enhance OIT’s image on local (student, faculty, and administration) state, and national levels.

Establish a communications program that directly helps the college achieve its strategic goals. 

Foster strong relationships with the college community by presenting timely and accurate information.


Ensure the proper use of technology to provide high quality instruction, training, operations and community engagement. 


Establish, maintain and improve a quality driven universal design process for eLearning (credit courses), classroom technology, and training programs (noncredit). 

Establish, maintain, improve and innovate technologies being utilized in various mediums across the academic and training spectrum. 

Create and improve a research and development process for the selection and use of technologies inside and outside the classroom environment. 

2013-2014 Assessment Plan
2015 Unit Review