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Gallery West is located on the Michael J. Grant campus of Suffolk County Community College, (SUNY Suffolk), in Brentwood, New York. The gallery is dedicated to mounting exemplary exhibitions of contemporary fine art, photography, and craft by artists hailing from New York City, Long Island, and the greater New York area. Our mission is to bring examples of high-quality work with diverse points of view to our faculty and students to create an opportunity for critical thinking and dialogue. We also mount an annual faculty exhibition, high school art competition, and art student exhibition. Please contact us for further information.

Current Exhibition

Suffolk County Community College’s 13th Annual High School Art Competition

Now through February 25, 2021

Exhibition History

Ruby Silvious and Nancy Yoshii; February 13 – March 29, 2020 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Lori Horowitz: Personas; September 26 – October 31, 2019 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Sally Shore: Color Pattern; February 14 – March 20, 2019 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Alumni Exhibition: Mickey Aloisio, Martica Apicella, Nelson Echeverria, Liz Fusco,Eileen Lang, Grace Pentecoste, Jenn Rinchey, Tonito Valderrama, Alexia Velez, September 26 – October 29, 2018 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Accord/Discord: Long Island Craft Guild Juried Exhibition, February 14 – March 22, 2018 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Maureen Drennan, Paul Gagner: It’s Not Me It’s You; September 27 – October 26, 2017 (Curated by John Cyr in Collaboration with Michaelann Tostanoski)

Social Fabric/Moral Fiber: Bren Ahearn, Kate Andersen, Leila Daw, Barbara Karyo, Joetta Maue, Elaine Reicheck, Faith Ringgold, Aminah Brend Lynn Robinson, Scott Schuldt, Sally Shore, Elisabeth Munro Smith, Zin May Thwin; February 14 – March 30, 2017 (Curated in collaboration with Leila Daw)

Barbara Sullivan: Chairs and Things; September 22 – October 20, 2016 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Lita Kelmenson: Commentaries; February 4 – March 10, 2016 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Contrivance: Lesley Baker, Tim Carlburg, Andrew Gilliatt, Sin-Ying Ho, Anna Calluori Holcombe, Adams Puryear, Justin Rothshank, Michaelann Tostanoski, Paul Andrew Wandless; September 24 – October 22, 2015 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Robert Carter; February 4 – March 5, 2015 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Barbara Karyo: Journey with Clay; September 17 – October 23, 2014 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Ruminations: Kristina Bloem, Frances Siegel; February 13 – March 14, 2014 (Curated by Rani Carson)

Alumni Art Exhibition: Janelle Brook Council, Juan C. Lopez Espantaleon, Katie Poletti, Diana Quijano, Christina Simons; September 26 – October 31 (Curated by Allen Keener in Collaboration with Michaelann Tostanoski)

Leila Daw: Remember How You Got Here; January 31 – March 14, 2013 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Jeff Epstein; September 13 – October 18, 2012 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

John Fink; February 9 – April 11, 2012 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

John Wissemann; October 13 – November 10, 2011 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Rani Carson; September 8 – October 6, 2011 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Myron Leveen: As seen Through My Eyes; March 10 – April 7, 2011 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Water: Paintings by Nancy Wissemann-Widrig; October 13 – November 10, 2010 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Visual Diaries: Gail Price Addiss, Catherine Allen, Carol Anshien, Joan Arbeiter, Nancy Azara, Darla Bjork, Nancy Blair, Sandra Branch, Susan Brownell, Mari-Claire Charba, Leila Daw, Linda Ferguson, Penelope Franklin, Irene Gennaro, Marian Le Conte, Sarah Greer Mecklem, Lynn Northrup, Lynn Peters, Pam Reilly, Lilith Rosenblum, Jenny Ross, Phyllis Rosser, Gale Sasson, Rhonda Schaller, Naomi Schechter, Rosemary Starace,  Hellen Bilyeu Stockton, Elyse Taylor, Michaelann Tostanoski, Kay Towns, Margaret Weber; March 17 – April 14, 2010 (Guest Curated by Nancy Azara)

Locks in Translation: Emma Amos, Susan Bee, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, Kenyatta A. C. Hinkle, Jee Hwang, Carolyn Martin, Ann Pachner, Annette Rusin, Barbara Siegel, Lorna Simpson, Hong Chun Zhang; February 10 – March 10, 2010  (Guest Curated by JoAnne McFarland)

Nina Berman: Purple Hearts; October 14 – November 10, 2009 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Layout: : Bill Abdale, Ira Eduardovna, Erica Greenwald, Ellie Krakow, Molly, Mac Fedyk, Daniel Nelson, Tom Pnini, Fabian G. Tabibian; September 9 – October 7, 2009 (Curated by Siochain Hughes in Collaboration with Michaelann Tostanoski. Catalogue with essay by Siochain Hughes)

JoAnne McFarland; March 18 – April 16, 2009 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Nancy Azara; February 11 – March 12, 2009 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Ellen Wiener: Scroll & Book; Tom Lulevitch: Ephemeris Time; October 15 – November 12, 2008 (Curated by Rani Carson)

East/West – Recent Alumni: Phillip Castaldi, Sheri Egert; September 10 – October 8, 2008 (Curated by Rani Carson)

Sana Musasama; February 5 – March 6, 2008 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Yookan Westfield; March 13 – April 18, 2008 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Suburban Landscape: Irene Buszko, Rosemary Hamilton; November 14 – December 12, 2007 (Curated by Rani Carson)

Witnessing: Steve Alpert, Beryl Bernay, Rani Carson, Phillip Castaldi, Janet Culbertson,Vladek Debowski, Roz Dimon, Robert Donahue, Gina Gilmour, Doug Going, Hannah Gray, Anna Jurinich, Elizabeth Malunowicz, Joan Rogers, Dennis Snyder, Michaelann Tostanowski; September 12 – October 10, 2007 (Curated by Rani Carson)

In Celebration of Black History Month: Bara Diokhane, Charlott Ka; “CONNEXIONS”, February 7 – March 7, 2007 (Curated by Rani Carson)

In Celebrations of Women’s History Month: Naomi Grossman, Gina Gilmour; “WORDS & IMAGES’, March 14 – April 11, 2007 (Curated by Rani Carson)

THE COLLECTORS’ SHOW: Work from the collections of Rani Carson, Tony DeAngelis, Celeste & Jim DeSario, Carol McGorry; September 14 – October 5, 2006 (Curated by Rani Carson)

Michaelann Tostanoski: Nature Faces Culture; March 16 – April 6, 2006 (Curated by Rani Carson)

In Celebration of African American History Month: Janet Smith Castronuovo; Mystical Times, February 9 – March 9, 2006 (Curated by Rani Carson)

In Celebrations of Women’s History Month: Pam Brown, Masako Gotoh, Hannah Gray; March 10 – April 11, 2005 (Curated by Rani Carson)

In Celebration of Black History Month: Juliet Thorburn, Ireko Esias Baker, Donovan “Akete” Chevers, Tukula Ntama & Orah-El; February 12 – March 4, 2004 (Curated by Rani Carson)

Expressions in Clay: Paul Chaleff, John Fink, Margo Hughto, Barbara Karyo, Sana Musasama, Bill Shillalies; February 14 – March 7, 2002 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Ann Hunt Currier: Still Life; March 14 – April 11, 2002 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Carpet of Wings: Lisa Mackie; September 19 – October 10, 2002 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Exuberance: David Markel, Charlene Van Crump; November 14 – December 12, 2002 (Curated by Rani Carson)

Holocost: A Broad Perspective; Robert Arneson, Barbara Karyo, Howardina Pindell, Michaelann Tostanoski, Murray Zimiles; November 29 – December 20, 2001 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)                               

On the Question of Culture: The Tile Project; October 25 – November 15, 2001 (Curated by Michaelann Tostanoski)

Intuitives: June T. Gaddy, Ras Ibrak, Rob Nasatka, Deborah Singletary; February 17 – March 9, 2000 (Curated by Rani Carson)

Contact Us

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John Cyr
Gallery Director
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Due to the pandemic, Gallery West is presenting exhibitions and artist talks online only until further notice.