Upon successful completion of the Visual Arts / A.S. Degree program graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of drawing, two-dimensional and three-dimensional design;
  2. Communicate ideas and concepts using formal elements, standard processes and basic materials in the visual arts;
  3. Demonstrate all phases of the artistic process required to execute a work of art from conception, through development, refinement, and completion;
  4. Apply objective and aesthetic criteria to evaluate the development and success of a work of art;
  5. Demonstrate the technical skills required to execute a work of art effectively in various media;
  6. Demonstrate insightful and unique creative and conceptual thinking;
  7. Identify through research, educational and career opportunities in the visual arts;
  8. Demonstrate a broad, general knowledge of the history of Western art from the prehistoric age through the 20th century;
  9. Interpret and analyze the interdisciplinary and cultural influences of the development of art; and
  10. Critically analyze and interpret works of art.
Last Updated: 12/12/17