"What's the use of having developed a science well enough to make predictions if, in the end, all we're willing to do is stand around and wait for them to come true?"
-- Nobel Laureate Sherwood Rowland (referring then to ozone depletion)
Climate Change Caused by Humans



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Rising Sea Levels by Janin & Mandia
Rising Sea Levels

by Janin & Mandia
Guide to Global Warming Skepticism
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Climate change has been extensively researched and the overwhelming majority of climate scientists agree that the observed modern day global warming is unprecedented and is very likely caused by humans. Although there is strong consensus among climate experts, many in the general public still think that these scientists are unsure about climate change and the role that humans have played in modern day global warming. The real science is primarily represented in peer-reviewed science journals but there are some good sources listed in Suggested Reading. Science journals are typically not accessible to the general public and are also highly mathematical. Global warming misinformation is primarily published on Web pages, blogs, television shows, radio, and other forms of mass media, all of which are much more accessible to the general public than scientific journals. The result is that the misinformation is reaching more people than the real science. This Website tries to bridge the knowledge gap by summarizing some of the key research that has led scientists to their overwhelming consensus while also addressing some of the unfounded claims by climate change denialists.

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Many of the "contrarian arguments" one might run across are scientifically debunked at:
Skeptical Science: Examining Global Warming Skepticism
Coby Beck's: How to Talk to a Climate Sceptic
RealClimate.org's FAQ page: Responses to common contrarian arguments

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