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Scott A. Mandia, Professor of Physical Sciences

T-202 Smithtown Sciences Bldg.,
Suffolk County Community College
533 College Rd., Selden, NY 11784

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Asst. Chair & Professor of Physical Sciences, Suffolk County Community College, Long Island, NY, USA

Teaching meteorology and climate change courses since 1990

co-Founder, Chairman of the Board, Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to protect the scientific endeavor

co-Founder, Climate Science Rapid Response Team, a group of over 160 of the world's top climate scientists who endeavor to provide highly accurate climate science information to media and government

co-author of book titled Rising Sea Levels: An Introduction to Cause and Impact as well as a series of weather and climate learning modules titled Investigations in Atmospheric Sciences that are geared toward non-science major college students.


M.S. Meteorology - Penn State University
B.S. Meteorology - University of Lowell

Courses I am currently teaching:


MET101: Introduction to Weather
Introduction to elements and energies that are basic processes described as weather. Basic principles such as temperature, pressure, density, humidity and air movement are studied to provide basis for understanding long- and short-range forecasting, including severe weather phenomena such as hurricanes, tornadoes and storms. (3 hrs. lecture, 2 hrs. laboratory)

MET103: Global Climate Change
The impact of global climate change is far-reaching, both for humanity and the environment. This course will provide students with the scientific background to understand the role of natural and human-forced climate change so that they are better prepared to become involved in the discussion. Students will learn how past climates are determined and why humans are causing most of the observed modern day warming. The technical and political solutions to climate change will also be discussed. (3 hrs. lecture)

 Websites of interest authored by me:

1938 Hurricane - Long Island Express
1938 Hurricane (Long Island Express) was the greatest weather catastrophe in modern times for Long Island. This comprehensive site includes the storm history with photos and personal stories, storm surge map, and the possibility of future damaging hurricanes.
Global Warming Man or Myth?


Global Warming: Man or Myth? summarizes some of the key research that has led scientists to their overwhelming consensus that humans are dramatically warming the planet.


Rise and Fall of the Vikings and the Little Ice Age


Rise and Fall of the Vikings and the Little Ice Age describes Europe during the years 600-1850, when experiencing climate changes that were far-reaching - every aspect of life in Europe was influenced including, among others, exploration, agriculture, health, deaths, economics, and art and literature. In particular, the rise and fall of the Viking civilization in Greenland and Iceland is directly linked to climate change.

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