Library Media Services

Computer diskOur collection contains a wide-variety of audio-visual materials on all major subjects in support of our programs and includes videocassettes, DVDs, music CDs and art slides. The holdings, with the exception of art slides, can be accessed by using the Online Catalog by selecting “Media” on the “Material Types” drop down menu. Media materials do not circulate but they can be used either in the Media Centers or in classrooms.

Faculty members who want to use the collection in the classroom can book materials (i.e. videos, DVD's) and equipment, including Smart Carts, by contacting Media Services Staff at their individual campuses. Allow 24 hours for booking equipment and materials. When booking materials located at another campus, please allow several days lead time to arrange for delivery of the programs. For more information please see the SCCC Media Services and Resource web site or call the numbers below:

Media Contacts
Ammerman Campus- Rosalie Muccio, Larry Perlman 451-4189
Grant Campus - Lynn McCloat 851-6742
Eastern Campus - Paul Turano 548-2542