Harold Naideau’s photographic vision is inspired by the works of the Great Masters. His photography attempts to clarify our complex world, filled with disparate and conflicting imagery set amidst a changing, modern landscape. His photography includes images from the parched plains of Death Valley in Nevada to the auto-parts dealers and body shops of Jerome Avenue in the Bronx.

Harold Naideau has authored and published two books: Women on the Wall: Graffiti’s Urban Mythology (2015) and The Still Life (2016).

Harold Naideau is an Associate Professor of Art and Photography at several New York colleges and universities, and lectures on Art History, Professional Photography, Digital Imaging, Graphic Design and Fine Art Photography.

His images are represented worldwide by Getty Images and Adobe Stock.

Courses Taught

  • ART114: History of Photography
  • ART140: Introduction to Digital Photography
  • ART145: Digital Photography I
  • ART147: Digital Materials and Processes
  • ART247: Professional Practices for Photographers
  • ART299: Photography Portfolio Development and Assessment