Blackboard Learn Tutorials

Below are links to instructions for setting up a Blackboard Learn course. Specific handouts are grouped by categories and a few key video tutorials are also listed on this page. The majority of our videos can be found by clicking on the YouTube link!

If you can’t find your answer in the tutorials below and have a specific Blackboard Learn questions, please email BLACKBOARD LEARN SUPPORT.

Note: There will be times when Blackboard Learn is upgraded to include new features as well as to correct ‘glitches’ in their system. This will necessitate updating some of the content material contained on our website. We will do our best to reflect these changes as time permits.

If you need in-person assistance or would like to learn more about Blackboard Learn, please check out our WORKSHOP SCHEDULE. You will find a variety workshops that cover the popular Blackboard topics as well as Q&A sessions where you can get assistance on any topic.

Like to learn through videos? Check out our YouTube page!

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