Is Online Teaching Right for Me?

Many instructors are drawn to online teaching for its convenience as well as its capabilities but it's not for everyone. A successful online instructor will need the right technology skills, be flexible when technology is not working as planned, switch their teaching style from being the 'sage on the stage to the guide on the side' and also be open to learning and trying new technologies and techniques.

The information below will help you to determine if online teaching is right for you.

  • Typing skills: Including keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X)
  • File management: Knowing different file types (.docx, .pdf, .jpg, .avi), Save, Save As, Cut, Copy and Paste files, Locate and organize files
  • Operating System: Check version and install updates
  • Navigation: Open and close programs, menus, taskbars, tabs, windows
  • Install Software: Via download or CD
  • Update Software: Check version and install updates
  • Office Suite: Know the programs Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Java: Check version and install updates
  • Connect to the Internet: Connect to WiFi
  • Browser: Know what you're using. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, MAC Safari, etc..
  • URLs: Identify URLs and copy and paste them
  • Email: Know how to read, send, attach files, Cc, and Bcc
  • Discussion Boards: Know forums, threads, posts and replies
  • Cloud Storage: Upload and download files
  • USB Memory Stick: Transfer files between computers
  • Microphone: Record narrations or participate in an online meeting
  • WebCam: For online meetings or to record lectures
  • Video Camera: For recording lectures
  • Available Online: Respond to emails, host online meetings, and provide timely feedback
  • Strong Communicator: Explain assignments, instructions, course content and feedback
  • Supportive: Be understanding and accommodating of student needs
  • Willing to Learn: To teach in different methods and use new technologies
  • Adaptable: Expect the unexpected and adjust as necessary

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