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Blackboard Learn Courses – Course Content

An instructor has the ability to add content to their Blackboard Learn course for the student’s learning experience. This content can come in many forms such as text, images, video, links and documents. The organization and availability of the course content can vary based on how the instructor wants to present it to the student.

By default, course content can be found by clicking on the Course Content link from the Course Menu, however the instructor has the ability to change the link name as well as add additional course content links.

Types of Content: There are different types of content that can be added to a course, as described in the following table.

Icon Content Type Description
 Item Icon Item A general piece of content, such as a file, image, text, or link. A description and other items can be attached.
 File icon File An HTML file used in the course. These files are viewed as a page within the course or as a separate piece of content in a separate browser window.
 Audio icon Audio Audio file played in a page. If Autostart and Loop are both set to Yes, the audio file plays when you open the page and continues to play until you stop it or navigate away from the page.
 Image icon Image Image file shown on the page.
 Video icon Video Video file viewed from the page. The video player appears directly on the page.
 Link icon URL Link to a website or resource, providing a quick access point to relevant materials.
 Learning Module icon Learning Module Content that focuses on a specific subject with instructor directed navigation. Content can be viewed in a specific order, or varied order, dependent upon instructor settings. Text, images, multimedia, assignments, and test content can be found in a learning module.
 Course Link icon Course Link A shortcut to an item, tool, or area in a course, providing quick access to relevant materials and tools.
 course_content_content_folder_22x16 Content Folder Content folders and subfolders set up a hierarchy to group related material based on a theme (such as media clips) or based on a schedule (such as, placing all items for “week 1” together), thus making materials easier to find, and reducing the length of a content area page.
 Test icon Test A link for instructors to post tests.  Point values may be assigned to the test questions, and answers are submitted for grading.
 Assignment icon Assignment A link for instructors to post assignments. Grades may be assigned to assignments.
 Discussion Board icon Discussion Board Discussions are an online forum to share course concepts. Instructors may request that students create their own discussions or contribute to existing ones.

Learning Modules: A learning module allows for an instructor to present content items in a structured path. It may contain the various pieces of content (such as Items, Links and Videos). Instructor decide whether or not there is a a sequential progression through the materials. If while navigating through a learning module, only the next page is available to navigate to, then Sequential Viewing is turned on. Otherwise all pages will be available.

Module Contents

Navigate through a Learning Module by clicking on the Page arrows or by clicking on the Content Links.

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