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Blackboard Learn Courses – Email

Blackboard Learn uses Suffolk's student and faculty email addresses (Student: or Faculty: Emails that are sent from Blackboard Learn are NOT saved in Blackboard Learn, students must check their Suffolk email to read, write and reply to email sent from Blackboard Learn.

Sending Email

  1. On the Course Menu, click Course Tools and then Send Email, or on the Suffolk Online Tab, click Email in the top Menu and then on a Course Link.

  2. Select who you want to send the email to.
    1. All Users – Send email to all of the users in the course.
    2. All Groups – Send email to all of the groups in the course.
    3. All Teaching Assistant Users – Send email to all of the teaching assistant users in the course.
    4. All Student Users – Send email to all of the student users in the course.
    5. All Instructor Users – Send email to all of the instructor users in the course.
    6. Select Users – Select which users to send email.
      Tip: For Windows, to select multiple users in a list, press and hold the SHIFT key and click the first and last users. To select users out of sequence, press and hold the CTRL key and click each user needed. For Macs, use the COMMAND key instead of the CTRL key. Students can also use the SELECT ALL function to send an email to all users.
    7. Select Groups – Select which groups to send email.
  3. Type in the Subject
  4. Type in the Message
  5. Click on the Attach a File link to include a file
  6. Click on Submit to send the email

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