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Our professional sales staff is available to consult with you to define your training requirements and recommend a training program that is designed to suit your needs. Please contact one of our specialists listed below with questions regarding the Corporate Training Center, Entrepreneurial Assistance Program or Advanced Manufacturing Training Center.

Corporate Training Center

John Lombardo
Associate Vice President
Workforce and Economic Development
(631) 851-6225
Amy Mueller-Seal
Compliance Director
(631) 851-6229
Cathy Conroy
Account Clerk
(631) 851-6210

Theresa Gallino
College Aide
(631) 851-6208




Advanced Manufacturing Training Center

Laura Galletta
Program Director
(631) 851-6216
Michael Whelan
Adjunct Professional Assistant
(631) 851-6203
Michele Goonan
College Aide
(631) 851-6221
Louise Rotchford
Mfg. Readiness Bootcamp/TechHire Coordinator
(631) 851-6209

Erika Serrago
Adjunct Professional Assistant
(631) 851-6212



Entrepreneurial Assistance Program

Daphne Gordon
Project Director
(631) 851-6206
Kenya Harvey
Professional Assistant
(631) 851-6214