This area is designed to address common problems that members of the College community may have.


SCCC Faculty, Administrators, Staff, and Community Members: Employees and community members may request network access (Which provides an E-mail Account, Internet Access and a Network ID) by completing the Network Access Request form. Supervisors must verify a faculty's and an administrator's current employment status and authorize access for part-time staff. Part-time staff and adjunct faculty must renew their accounts on a semesterly basis. Failure to renew will result in account termination and deletion of material left in account files.
Click on this Service Request Form link. If you experience difficulty with the page, you can call the Help Desk x4357.
There are set standards for both hardware and software use throughout the college. These standards were devised for ease of use and compatibility between users.

College employees should be using the following software packages for the Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System:

Email: Microsoft Outlook 2013
Web browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0
Office Suite: Microsoft Office 2013 — this is comprised of:
Microsoft Word — Word Processing
Microsoft Excel — Spreadsheets
Microsoft Access — Database
Microsoft Powerpoint — Presentations


Note: These standards do not apply to the academic areas.

This includes moving computers,and/or phones. All moves MUST be approved by your academic chair and college associate dean. Office Move/Relocation Service
Desktop Service Request Form - This form is to be used for all requests pertaining to College computer hardware and software maintenance/upgrades.

Network and Telecommunication Service Request Form - This form is to be used for any telephone service/upgrade requests and all requests pertaining to faculty, staff and educational College network connections.

This form is used to request updates to directory information in all College directories. 

The  directory form is available in the portal under "Employee Forms".  Access to the form requires a login and needs to be completed from a College administrative computer.

Directory Updates

We offer training for groups, individuals, in person, and online.  Check out our scheduled training sessions or request training through our website:

ITS Training Site

Please follow this link to access your College email:

If you are an employee and unable to login to MySCCC or Email your password may be expired.

Each login screen has a "Having problems logging in?" link to an application that will allow you to check the status of your password and reset that password if it has expired.

  MySccc Login Screen with Help LinkOutlook Login page with Help Link

This link will open up a help screen where you enter your current credentials.   You can also access this page directly at:

Password Reset Page

For Faculty and Staff:

The College will never use email to notify you that your password has or is about to expire.  Never open and/or respond to links in email that ask you to provide your username and/or password.

You are responsible for your account and its security. Failure to comply with the IT Technology Policies and Guidelines may result in losing your account privileges.



For Student:

Student MySCCC passwords are managed using the Change Your Password link inside the MySCCC portal. Click on the link and follow the directions and password rules listed.
Portal link to changing your passwordPassword Change Image

First time access to the portal requires you to enter your SCCC Student PIN number. If you forget your PIN number or new password, you must appear at the Registrar's office with your photo ID Card to have your PIN or password reset.

Failure to comply with the College's IT Technology Policies and Guidelines may result in losing your account privileges



User Policies and Eligibility | Network Policies | Standards | Move of Equipment 
Off-Campus Equipment | Announcements


*User Policies and Eligibility

*Networking: System Policies and Procedures

*Moves of IT Equipment

*Standards: Hardware, Software and Purchasing

*Off-Campus Use of College Equipment:

Faculty/Staff - Managing Your Mail

Accessing your mail and calendar from Home

The method provided by the College to access your email and calendar from off campus is Outlook Web. It can be reached from Your mailbox and calendar open in your internet browser and, after loggin, you can read, respond, write, and delete items as you would on your office PC.

For information security reasons, the College no longer supports the use of external email readers for College email.

Outlook distribution list

Do you often need to send e-mails to the same group of people at once? You can do this easily if you create a distribution list containing the contact details of everyone you�ll be e-mailing. Then, simply mail to the list, rather than to each individual person.

Create your list

To create your distribution list, do one of the following:
1. When your Inbox is active, choose Tools - Address Book. Choose File - New Entry - New Distribution List. The default will save this list as a contact entry. 
2.� When your contact list is active, Choose New � Distribution List. ��
3. In Name:, type a name for your list. 
4. Choose Select Members. Show Names from the Global Address List is the default. You can use the drop down to find names already in your other address lists. 
5. �In the Type Name... list, double-click a name to add it to the list, or select it and choose Members. To add more than one person at a time, [Ctrl+Click] the additional names. 
6. After all the desired names are selected, choose Members.

To add a person to your list whose details you don�t have in any Address Book or Contacts list, choose New - OK and complete their details. You�ll need at least their name and e-mail address. Choose Save and Close to return to the Select Members dialog, and then add them to the list. �They will have been created as a new single entry in your Contacts folder.

When your group members are all listed, choose OK. At Distribution List, choose Save and Close to return to your Address Book, then close the Address Book.

Use your list

Open a blank message form: from any folder, and choose New - Mail Message.

For multiple recipients and lists like these, it�s considered good manners to use the Bcc: rather than the To: field.� This is especially useful when a list contains students e-mail addresses or users addresses other than*.edu. This ensures that the names and e-mail addresses of the people on your list are hidden from each other, thus protecting everyone�s privacy---including yours, since the recipients can�t tell who else is receiving your message. An exception to this might be for committee work since you may want to use the default To: field so that the members know everyone being contacted.�

So, to hide each group member�s details from the other members, enter your own e-mail address in the To: field. If you don�t see the Bcc: field, choose View - Bcc Field. Then choose Bcc: and type or select the distribution list�s name. Choose Bcc->, then OK. Add your Subject: text, type your message, and then choose Send.

Your list will be held in your Contacts list with a icon indicating two people. You can add new members or remove them as you require. To view or edit the members, you can right-click the list name and choose Properties.

Informational Documents

The following documents are available for you to download and are formatted for printing.

SCCC Favorites Group - Information on the Suffolk County Community College Links Group for Internet Explorer.

SiteAdvisor - Instructions for using the SiteAdvisor plug-in for Internet Explorer.

MultiRes Utility - Instructions for using the MultiRes utility to change your screen resolution.

How to prepare your PC to be moved.

Application for Network User ID for new Faculty - Download and complete the request form for a network logon and/or email account. FT employees forms are processed at Human Resources - NFL Rm 25. Adjunct forms are processed through your campus Dean of Faculty Office. Forms are in Word.

Application for Network User ID for new or existing Staff - Download and complete the request form for a network logon and/or email account. This form is to be submitted by an employee's supervisor to the Office of Computer and Information Systems, NFL Rm 30, for any new or existing employee deemed by their supervisor to need network or e-mail access. Forms are in Word.

Part-time Resource Request Form - Supervisors should download and complete this form to request a complete set of computer and network resources for temporary or seasonal part-time employees, adjunct faculty, and individuals working overload.

Guidelines for Implementing Departmental Computer Systems or Applications - Use this form to plan an implementation of a department-based computer application. The form must be included with any request for central support if any is needed for the implementation or operation of the application.