Assessment Advisory Council

The Assessment Advisory Council (AAC) is the institutional body responsible for reviewing the implementation of the CAPIE, providing reviews of the assessment and evaluation activities of the College's academic programs and AES units, and providing support and leadership over institutional assessment efforts.


AAC Charge

AAC Membership


Assessment Advisory Council Minutes

10-11 Academic Year

Meeting in June, 2011

11-12 Academic Year

Meeting in September, 2011
Meeting in October, 2011
Meeting in November, 2011
Meeting in February, 2012
Meeting in April, 2012

12-13 Academic Year

Meeting in December, 2012
Meeting in February, 2013
Meeting in May, 2013

13-14 Academic Year

Meeting in December, 2013
Meeting in April, 2014

14-15 Academic Year

Meeting in October, 2014
Meeting in April, 2015

15-16 Academic Year

Meeting in October, 2015
Meeting in December, 2015
Meeting in April, 2016