Suffolk County Community College Course Equivalents

A passing grade of 50 is required on the CLEP exam in order to receive credit at Suffolk County Community College. Level 2 (Intermediate) Language tests have a higher passing grade. You will not be given credit at Suffolk for a CLEP exam if you previously passed the course at Suffolk or received transfer credit for that course.

Test Equivalent Course(s) Suffolk Designation/Credits
Business Law, Intro Business Law I LAW 111 (3)
Financial Accounting Principles of Accounting I ACC 101 (3)
Info Sys & Comp Apps Intro Computer Science/Info Technology CST 111 (3)
Management, Princ. of Management Principles & Practices BUS 201 (3)
Marketing, Princ. of Marketing MKT 101 (3)
Composition & Literature
Analyzing / Interpreting Lit Intro to Literature ENG 102 (3)
English Literature English Literature ENG TRB (3)
American Literature American Literature ENG TRB (3)
College Comp (modular) Not Recommended for Suffolk Students N/A
Foreign Language
The language exams cover two levels. Level I requires a score of 50 for all languages. Level II French requires a score of 59, level II German, a score of 60, and level II Spanish, a score of 63.
French Language Level 1 - Elementary French 1 & II (6 credits) FRE 101 (3) & FRE 102 (3)*
  Level 2 - Elem I & II, Intermediate French I (9 credits) FRE 201 (3)*
German Language Level 1 - Elementary German I & II (6 credits) GER 101 (3) & GER 102 (3)*
  Level 2 - Elem I & II, Intermediate German I (9 credits) GER 201 (3)*
Spanish Language Level 1 - Elementary Spanish I & II (6 credits) SPN 101 (3) & SPN 102 (3)*
  Level 2 - Elem I & II, Intermediate Spanish I (9 credits) SPN 201 (3)*
History & Social Sciences
American Government American National Government & Politics POL 105 (3)
Educational Psych, Intro Educational Psychology PSY 220 (3)
History of US I Foundations of American History HIS 103 (3)
History of US II Modern American History HIS 104 (3)
Human Growth/Devel Developmental Psychology PSY 210 (3)
Macroeconomics, Princ of Macroeconomics: The National Economy ECO 111 (3)
Microeconomics, Princ of Microeconomics: Prices and Markets ECO 112 (3)
Psychology, Intro Introduction to Psychology PSY 101 (3)
Sociology, Intro Introduction to Sociology SOC 101 (3)
Western Civilization I Western Civilization I HIS 101 (3)
Western Civilization II Western Civilization II HIS 102 (3)
Sciences & Math
Biology Biology non-lab electives BIO TRA (3) & BIO TRA (3)
Calculus Calculus with Analytical Geometry I MAT 141 (4)
Chemistry Chemistry non-lab electives CHE TRA (3) & CHE TRA (3)
College Algebra Algebra II MAT 111 (3)
Precalculus Precalculus Mathematics MAT 126 (3)
General Exams
General Exams give 3 credits for subject area, and 3 credits of liberal arts elective
College Composition Standard Freshman Comp & Liberal Arts elective ENG 101 (3) & LAE TRA (3)*
College Mathematics Math elective & Liberal Arts elective MAT TRA (3) & LAE TRA (3)*
Humanities Humanities elective HUM TRA (3)
Natural Sciences Science/Math elective & Liberal Arts elective SMA TRA (3) & LAE TRA (3)
Social Sciences / History Social Science elective & Liberal Arts elective SSE TRA (3) & LAE TRA (3)
  1. CLEP credit does not carry a letter grade nor is it computed as part of the student’s grade point average (GPA).  It is identified on the transcript as CLEP credit for the particular course or subject area, in a manner similar to Transfer credit.
  2. Students will receive a copy of the CLEP score on the day of the test, except for the College Composition exam.  The College Board will mail a copy of the College Composition score to the student.  In order for credit to be applied to the Suffolk transcript, you must indicate that you want the results of the CLEP exam sent to SCCC.
  3. Students who have taken or wish to take a CLEP exam or other standardized exam not listed here may petition to have the exam evaluated for possible Suffolk credit.  For further information, contact the Transfer Evaluation Office  ( Please give us a month to post the credit on your SAIN report (College Composition exam may take longer). You will receive a letter when the credits have been posted.

* If you have successfully completed any of these courses you must have a passing grade on the test. You will be awarded credit only for the course in which you have not already received a passing grade. Duplicate credit will not be awarded for a multi-course CLEP test. Example: You have credit for SPN 101 but want to take the CLEP test for Spanish Language. If you pass the test, you will receive credit for only SPN 102, or if you pass the higher level, SPN 102 and 201.