About Information Technology Services

Laptop connected to an external monitor with the College website on screen.

Our Focus

The Information Technology Services (ITS) division at Suffolk County Community College aims to drive digital transformation that advances the College's primary mission.

The ITS team leads Suffolk in planning, implementing and maintaining the College's technology services — delivering reliable, secure, and satisfying information technology capabilities and experiences to our College community.

We collaborate with a broad spectrum of faculty, student and staff stakeholders to ensure effective, efficient and timely services that meet their needs.

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Primary Roles of ITS

  • Lead digital innovation at Suffolk County Community College.
  • Facilitate college-wide technology strategy and planning.
  • Manage the college's technology systems and services.
  • Partner with the College community (students, faculty, and staff) to support, enrich, and transform teaching, learning, research, and administrative processes using existing and emerging technologies.

Our Mission

Information Technology Services’ mission is to accelerate the College's academic and research pursuits by providing accessible, reliable, efficient, scalable and innovative technologies that enable faculty, students and staff to realize their goals of leading breakthrough change to improve society.

Close-up shot of computer hardware (a fan, memory and wires).

Our Vision

To position ITS as a valued and trusted College partner that delivers reliable, efficient and creative institutional technology strategy and solutions in partnership with the greater Suffolk academic, research and administrative community.

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Senior Leadership Team


Shady Azzam-Gomez

Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer


Chris Blake

Director, Enterprise Applications

Adam Bailey

Assistant Director, Enterprise Applications

Steve Clark

Administrative Director of Infrastructure

John Gannon

Associate Director Data Center

Doug Kahn

Assistant Dean of Information Technology Operations / Project Management

Jason Fried

College Director, Service Delivery and IT Compliance

ITS Organizational Chart

ITS Department organizational chart

What we do: ITS Areas and Responsibilities

ITS is a service-oriented organization dedicated to providing smart, functional and efficient information technology solutions to the College community. The following divisions comprise ITS:

The Office of the CIO plans high-level, long-term organizational goals, strategic direction, performance management and process management, as well as addressing day-to-day operational concerns like resource management, operational planning and strategy alignment. The Office of the CIO also oversees privacy, communications and digital services.

This office coordinates and manages all large ITS projects, from initiation, planning, and deployment to closure, and is responsible for project intake and management of priorities within the guidelines established by the College.

ITS Enterprise Applications develops and implements software solutions for the College. The team supports the software needs of Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Employee Resources, Business and Financial Affairs, Institutional Advancement and the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness.

The College's Information Security Office oversees the security of the College's electronic information. The Information Security Office is responsible for coordinating and ensuring that information security across the College is consistent with industry best practices and the College's compliance obligations. To meet these objectives, the Information Security Office develops information security policies and oversees the implementation of strategic information security initiatives for the College.

Infrastructure manages the ITS data center, Network and Telecommunications systems and it provides around-the-clock support for ITS computing activities.

It is our charge to make available effective voice and data communication services. We strive for quality, reliability and sustainability in order to meet the needs of the College while maintaining the security and protection of institutional information for both Academic and Administrative functions of the College.

This office handles IT policies, IT budgets, continuity of IT operations, management of IT contracts, oversight of IT communications, training, and Help Desk.

ITS Desktop Support strives to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction through effective, reliable and professional IT support, in partnership with campus units. The division advances the College's role as by providing continuous service improvement and leveraging technology efficiencies and expertise.

The Desktop Support service group handles the maintenance, repair, and installation of desktop computers, printers and terminals, and the connection of these devices to the College's network infrastructure. For computer help, please dial HELP from any College phone or call (631) 451-4357.